The social function of the lawyer the most objective

In carrying out this work on the Social function of the lawyer, analyzing its importance and its role as defender of human causes, its evolution, its disposition in defense of human rights, its decalogue and the modern conception in society.

Actually since its inception the word lawyer has a social connotation, which guides us and indicates the incidence of this in society and its function, which has to act in consonance with this etymology of the word and be consistent and work in well of society, although there are some who do not honor the same word, but those are not lawyers.

Methodologically, this research is carried out from the bibliographic method, analyzing the information obtained, in the books and the internet, containing a presentation sheet, the title, the index, the introduction, the purposes, development, the conclusion and the bibliography.

Purposes of the Investigation

Overall objective

Enunciate the Social Function of the Lawyer.

Specific objectives

• 1- Cite the importance of the social role of the lawyer
• 2- Define the importance of the lawyer in human rights and society.


The word Lawyer has its origin in the Latin “advocare” whose literal meaning is to summon, that is to say the Lawyer is called to be, within his professional practice, someone who serves as an intercessor or a mediator among those who at a given moment may require of their services or advice as a professional, as the natural knowledgeable of the legal system that governs the life of a society, not to radicalize a controversy or conflict between those who have disagreements as mistakenly believed, but to seek to overcome this conflict, being able to provide advice to those who in a certain circumstance need to know about the true meaning of a law.

In order to better understand the real social mission of the Lawyer, it is opportune to recall the function assigned to him during the rise of the Law and / or the Roman Empire when the terminology of Jurisconsult was adopted, which was that outstanding Lawyer within the society that profound and specialized knowledge of the law, was the one who consulted the most important issues of interest of the society of that time and his versed opinion was considered an irrefutable and unappealable criterion that should be respected by all, therefore in the texts of the History of the Law argues that the opinion of a Jurisconsult at that time had the force of a judgment or res judicata.

From another angle of view and resorting to the grammatical sense and lato of the word right, it means straightness to proceed, it is the equivalent to straight, the opposite to crooked and sinuous, which does not wobble or walk from one side to another, from which The implication is that contrary to what is socially perceived, the lawyer is far from being a promoter or instigator of conflicts, of disagreements between people, a manufacturer of problems, someone who perniciously seeks to face one another, but rather and that is its raison d’être, it must seek to overcome those differences of criteria or interests, searching with their knowledge and using the healthy and healthy disposition of the law to solve those disagreements or conflicts between persons or between persons and groups, institutions or organizations of the society.

The law in its current meaning is intimately linked to the lawyer, enters as a fundamental element of a country or society.

so that a society can coexist civilized in a framework of mutual respect among those who make it up, that society can have parameters or rules of social treatment that make it possible to maintain behaviors of respectful relationship among its members, so that the same society can exist organized and orderly ; fundamentally requires an instrument that makes viable so indispensable organization and order so that rational coexistence prevails,

society does not become anarchized, so that barbarism does not gain space, that ultimately a society can subsist, that needs a set of rules that Only the Law can provide them, this explains why human societies after overcoming primitive stages with the formation of social groups such as the Tribes, the Clans, the Hordes, the Horde Leagues, etc.

where power, will and the omnímodo criterion of the Head of the social group was the supreme law, allowing the rule of the arbitrary like something normal and acceptable in this type of groupings, that is to say the validity of the call “law of the forest”.

Ultimately in this part it is clear that the dictatorial absolutism of any aspect, origin or motivation, religious beliefs, ie political or religious power.

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