How to earn extra money with online jobs (online)
There are few who want to settle for 1 hour of lunch and a couple of days of vacation a year, when life goes by so quickly and we feel that we are losing everything.

Luckily, the opportunities to earn extra money abound and it is increasingly easy to start a business capable of generating thousands, from scratch and without spending a fortune.

Most of the most profitable businesses today, are trying to create your own website (it’s very cheap) in which you can have a sample of your work to show to potential clients (a kind of portfolio or online resume for show your works online).

Thanks to the new markets and demand for talent in the digital world, there are thousands of business opportunities that many are leaving on the table, opportunities that have personally allowed me to save more than 60% of my income, thanks to the exponential increase in my salary after deciding to work online.

Profitable business ideas with little (or no) investment

• Become a virtual assistant: if you have secretarial experience or as an administrative assistant in an office, your digital version will give you a lot of flexibility and many times, when you get jobs with companies from countries where different salary ranges are handled, also You can get much more money.

• Being a Blogger: Being a blogger is an alternative career in which many of us feel that the limited offer of universities (lawyer, secretary, architect, doctor …) we think when we look for a business idea or ways to promote that business that already we have.

Bloggers enjoy sharing our knowledge, tastes, lives and opinions with you. We have design, technology, travel, fashion, finance and basically any theme that exists.

The popularity of blogs and the reason why thousands of people try to become bloggers every year is not only because of the great marketing potential of our websites (we can reach a huge number of potential clients), the most attractive is without doubt the option to work from home or wherever you are, generating extra money (sometimes a lot of money) remotely.

• Offer your marketing services: offering your services as a marketing specialist certainly implies a good level of background knowledge.

That said, with so many good and cheap marketing courses and the possibility of creating a website for only $ 12 dollars to practice the knowledge acquired and show them to your potential clients, in a few months you’ll be ready to earn some of the thousands of vacancies that they open monthly in this niche.

• Affiliate marketing: this business model is extremely easy to assemble and involves earning a sales commission by promoting products and services from other people / companies. Basically, you choose a product that you like and promote it with your readers or followers.

Creating a business based on the affiliate marketing model is especially easy to start if you have a blog or website of your own.

• Offer reviews: more and more brands are looking for people to try their products or services to encourage others to buy them.

You can start by approaching directly the companies that call your attention and offer them a review in exchange for a monetary reward (if you are new it will usually be a swap, if you are influential it will be in money).

There are even many pages that are responsible for making that contact between brands and reviewers (who makes the review). Generally the only thing you need to register is to have a social network account and website or blog to write review articles about your products. Enrolling in these programs is completely free.

• Offer your Graphic Design services: companies are always looking to improve their brand.

If you handle applications such as Photoshop or Illustrator, you have a huge opportunity to offer your services as a freelancer without leaving your home. All you need is to send some emails sharing your portfolio (you can create a website where you compile your work in digital format).

Become a Coach: After the technological service professions, coaching is the second fastest growing profession in the world.

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