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Labor Attorneys Can Resolve Your Employment Issues

At work it is perfectly reasonable to expect to be treated with respect and decency. In fact, the employment law, a set of laws, restrictions, rules and jurisprudence, ensure you protection from abuse and indiscretion in employment. But you have to make use of them to get benefits.

Hiring one of our labor attorneys is one of the best ways to protect your rights and recover compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, emotional distress, and other damages resulting from work-related issues.

Our labor lawyers are professionals you can trust. They have mediated, negotiated and successfully litigated several types of labor law cases including:

• Personal injuries. Cases where the employee is injured at work due to negligence and has the right to receive workers’ compensation or disability benefits.

• Discrimination. Cases in which the employee is negatively affected by age, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, pregnancy, disability and other protected classifications.

• Sexual harassment. Cases in which the worker receives intentions from a boss or a partner at work, sexual advances unintentionally.

• Unjustified dismissal. Cases in which the employee is dismissed for discrimination, or refuse to perform an illegal or dangerous act, exercise union rights, take disability due to pregnancy and other discriminatory reasons.

• Conflicts over salary. Cases where there are conflicts between the employee and management over salary.

• Absence due to the illness of a family member. Cases where the employee is denied the rights established in the Law of Licenses for Medical and Family Reasons.

• Disability license for pregnancy. Cases where the payment is denied to a woman who is incapacitated by her pregnancy, for missing work.

Why is it better to have a labor lawyer?

Labor lawyers can quickly get the result you are looking for. Employment laws can be complicated and confusing, and there are many laws that you may not know. A labor lawyer knows the labor laws, eliminating any assumption and expediting your claim.

Labor lawyers do all the work for you. It can be uncomfortable to negotiate with the employer or advocate for your cause, either through an employment agreement, severance pay or any other matter. Your labor lawyer can do all that for you.

Labor lawyers keep you on track at the right times. There are several deadlines and requirements that must be met in cases of labor law. When you have a labor lawyer on your side, it is easy to comply with everything.

The labor law is complicated, and there is no reason to try to understand it for you alone, a lawyer can handle everything for you without any risk!

Everyone, without distinction, we have the right to work with dignity and integrity, and in this country there are laws designed for this purpose; and in the United States, the laws are fulfilled, and whoever does not comply with them must pay for their lack.

It is possible to affirm that, in general, employers respect labor laws in this country, but unfortunately there are exceptions. Not all employers comply by offering their workers the fair working conditions that the law dictates.

You, however, are not alone. At we are committed to defending the rights of Hispanic workers in the United States. We know how difficult it can be to prosper in this country and the effort that Hispanic workers must make to move our families forward; That is why our firm is willing to face those who try to abuse the sacrifice of our community.

Labor law attorneys are dedicated to handling cases of unfair practices against Hispanic workers.

Unfair or discriminatory labor practices can be several, including truancy, denial of pay, harassment, inappropriate sexual jokes or inappropriate physical contact, unjustified dismissal, defamation, unpaid wages, unpaid overtime, denial of absence, or retaliation.

by the employer. Federal laws protect the worker from any of these forms of abuse and, if he or she has suffered or is suffering from any of these injustices, it is important to take action quickly. At we are here to assist you, advise you, and if necessary, represent you legally.

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