Family lawyer near me

It is likely that you have heard about the family lawyer or lawyers specializing in family law. These are professionals in the legal profession who deal with all the issues that may be related to family relationships and conflicts.

What topics does a family lawyer deal with?

Family law is one of the branches of the so-called Civil Law that addresses various aspects such as the following:

• Separations and divorces. In cases of couple conflicts, a family lawyer can help reach an agreement and draft a regulatory agreement or direct a procedure before the courts in cases where the friendly way is exhausted and you have to go to trial.

• Wills and inheritances. A family lawyer will inform you about your will or about the acceptance of an inheritance, for example.

• Guardianships, incapacitations. In the event that a person has to be incapacitated and a guardian appointed, the family lawyer may advise in relation to the guardianship or direct the judicial process of incapacitation.

• Gender violence or abuse of minors. In cases of gender violence or abuse of minors, the family lawyer can intervene to advise on the collection of evidence or presentation of the complaint.

However, the above is not a closed list, but the performance of a lawyer specializing in family law can be very broad to adapt to the needs of your client.

What qualities should a family lawyer have?

If you want to divorce your partner or have received an inheritance, but the heirs do not agree, you have searched the Internet for a family lawyer specialized in the subject you need, however, to choose a family lawyer is necessary to have It has a series of essential qualities such as the following:

• Must be a specialized professional with experience in family issues who can advise you on all your rights and obligations.

• Being an empathetic person who can put himself in the client’s place, since family law refers to very personal and intimate issues in which emotions come into play.

• A lawyer with negotiation skills that always exhaust the friendly way and that seeks agreements in which all the parties win.

• Family law requires being a close lawyer in dealing with people and flexible so that trust is generated with the client.

• In addition, it is important that you are an experienced professional before the courts, since in some cases, if a friendly settlement has not been reached, you may have to go to trial.

Everyone at some point in our lives may need a family lawyer and knowing what they do and the characteristics that are advisable to have, will help us choose the professional that best suits our needs according to the circumstances of the case.

When there is a problem in the family What does a person normally do?

She does bad blood, she gets anguished, she suffers, she gets angry at who feels that she is responsible for the problem and this leads her to perform less at work, to have a bad relationship with her friends and a long etcetera.

However, it is not easy to talk to someone who is not involved in the conflict, that is, to some extent try to hide it in that impersonal “all good” with which we usually greet our acquaintances.

That concealment is because family conflict is something intimate. It is what happens inside our house to such an extent that, only exceptionally, if someone has a very intimate friend, he comes to entrust the problem to him.

Or the mother, with whom we usually maintain that unconditional trust even when we are big, or the psychoanalyst when we have it. But in general, the family problem remains inside.

When the problem causes us a lot of pressure and it is transformed into a high voltage situation, what we tend to do is take some measure to modify it.

This is a behavior that we can call normal in any person, even in any animal, because an acute conflict is experienced as a danger to our integrity, be it emotional or physical. Faced with a situation of danger, or is faced or runs away, but in both cases is to take some action to change that generates a serious conflict.

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