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What is a labor lawyer?

A labor lawyer is the professional specialized in labor law, which is a branch of law that regulates relations between workers and employers, as well as understanding what is related to trade union associations.

It can be hired by both the employer and the worker, who can be advised as to their rights, getting the employer to recognize what is appropriate and there is no abuse of power, or can work for a company and advise an employer with respect to the rights of workers, so that they are not involved in unfair dismissals, which could lead to large economic sanctions.

Another of the functions is the advice for the preparation of collective agreements, celebrations and termination of employment contracts, negotiation with unions, etc.

You can also advise monotributista workers so they do not suffer an abuse of power by companies.

If your conflict, for example, is due to an accident at work, that is to say, a sudden and violent event that occurs due to the fact or occasion of the work or in the journey that the worker makes between his home and the workplace, as long as the worker the journey has not changed due to causes beyond the work, you can seek the advice of lawyers specializing in accidents at work, to inform you more fully about the rights that correspond to you and diagram a strategy to follow, corresponding to your case in particular.

In the event of an accident at work, it is advisable to contact the workers’ lawyers and notify the employer immediately about what happens so that the latter can inform the ART. If you do not comply with this warning, you may lose rights.

This is above all for the cases of accidents in itinere, those that are produced in the journey from the home to the place of work or vice versa.
For more information about the value of the labor lawyer consultation, please communicate by this means.

The labor lawyer will be your best ally when it comes to obtaining recognition of rights.

The labor law tries to solve the conflicts arising in the company
Labor law is a differentiated and autonomous branch of legal science that emerged to discipline relations of subordinated and paid work.

The Labor Lawyers are in charge of defending all the rights with which a salaried worker counts, thus preventing their boss from making excessive use of his power within the company, creating an authoritarian environment where employees are exploited.

Among the activities normally performed by labor lawyers are:

• Dismissals with or without just cause
• Losses due to illness
• Frauds
• Holidays
• Works in black (unregistered)
• Free days
• Resignations for various reasons
• Sexual harassment
• Extra hours
• Maternity leave

Labor rights lawyers are much more than just compensation negotiators and legal contracts.

In fact, the social right is probably the specialty that has undergone major changes over time in the legal profession, so a lawyer specialized in it has to keep updated to guide companies and employees in the field with guarantees.

They are especially skilled when claiming compensation in the area of ​​accidents or in case of mobbing in your work environment. You can also find out if your case can be taken through the criminal route in this link, since in that case you can get more benefit.

Labor lawyers need to specialize in an area, be it in the relationship of dependence, in the protection of the company or the people in terms of tax law, security, dismissal of employees or relationships at work.

Whenever a judgment of right is issued, the possibility arises that these changes are transferred to the standards and therefore must maintain a constant update of the changes and nuances that can be resolved for the proper performance of their functions.

The price of each labor lawyer is different depending on the case, the time available and each client. You can request a quote by contacting them.

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