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The aim of the Law course is to train graduates in Legal and Social Sciences who are able to perform with solidity and rigor in the various areas of practice in the legal profession. She provides the student with the intellectual tools and practical skills to perform successfully as a litigant, as an advisor or as a judge, both nationally and internationally.

The law degree has a ten-semester study plan, which includes: a cycle of General Legal Training, of four semesters, and a second cycle of Specific Legal Training, of six semesters, at the end of which all subjects have been approved and The Bachelor’s Exam, included in the Study Plan as a graduation activity in the tenth semester, obtains the degree of Licentiate in Legal and Social Sciences.

Each cycle plays an elementary role in the learning process. The cycle of General Legal Training is aimed at understanding the functioning of modern legal systems and the strengthening of oral and strict expression skills.

The Specific Legal Training cycle seeks to understand the legal phenomena in their more specific dynamics in the different disciplines of law, and in turn, to develop the elementary skills required for the proper exercise of the legal profession.

This last cycle also includes that the student studies five elective subjects distributed in the different lines of specialization.

Once the Licensure Examination and at least three subjects of the same line have been approved, the student will obtain a Certificate of Specialization.

The Specialization Lines contemplated in the Study Plan are four main:

Public Law; Private right; Environmental law; and Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure. And two transversal lines: Human Rights; and Company Law, which are integrated with electives corresponding to several of the main lines.

This is a differentiating aspect of the curriculum of the Law of the Austral University of Chile, through which it is intended, on the one hand, to give special welcome in the curriculum to subjects for which there is a strong demand for professionals experts at the local and regional level and, on the other hand, allow students to approach their specific professional interests in a coherent and systematic way, obtaining a certification that accounts for this at the end of the studies.

In order to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Legal and Social Sciences from Universidad Austral, students must take a Licentiate Exam in the tenth semester, which assesses the overall understanding of the fundamental legal institutions studied throughout the course.

The vision that inspires this plan of studies aims to consolidate and project into the future the prestige that the Faculty of Legal Sciences of the Austral University has won as a space of high demand for the training of lawyers committed to professional excellence and the progress of the Straight.

Consolidating and projecting this prestige towards the future supposes, on the one hand, safeguarding the strengths of the training we offer, and on which our prestige has been forged and, on the other hand, paying attention to the new requirements and challenges that result from the characteristics of the current scenario of the lawyer’s profession.

The training of our students also pursues that they understand the crucial role that the law has for the achievement of a civilized and just coexistence and that they are aware of the importance, for the validity of the Rule of Law, that mediation that lawyers offer citizens access to legal information and the institutional guarantee of their rights, be carried out with professional excellence and moral integrity.

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